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Movie City

Posted September 03, 2008 to photo album "Movie City"

Seattle skyline
Jessica Lange in Frances
Trouble in Mind
Salón México
El Topo
Los Albañiles
Y Tu Mamá También
Dr. Nabil
Kasim Abid
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Winchester '73
Festival Fever
Discovering Tucson
Staying for the adventure
Everybody goes to the Loft
Drive-In Skies
The Catalina vs. the strip mall
Outlaws and renegades
Mi Casa Video, Tu Casa Video
Buena Vista Social Slump
Buena Vista Social Slump
Danny Vinik
Darren Clark
Tucson Twilight
Desert decay
What Would They Think?
Fingerhut Quiznos
Starbucks Les Amis
Casino El Camino
Moulin Rouge
Lamarck-Caulaincourt Metro
Au March de la Butte
Café des deux Moulins
Inside Café des deux Moulins
Rue Milton
Truffaut's Grave
John Waters
Bengie's Drive In
Ben's Chili Bowl
D.C. Noir
Frederick Douglass House
George Pelecanos
U Street Corridor
Eisenhower Theater
High Noon
Reagan movie
All the President's Men
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Exorcist
Mars Attacks!
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Strangers on a Train
Amores Perros
Fernando de Fuentes
Una Familia de Tantas
Alfonso Arau
Crimen de Padre Amaro
Año Uña
Patricia Riggen
Cineteca Nacional
Festival Guadalajara
Gael Garcia Bernal
J.C. Chavez
Festival Fever

Festival Fever

Festival Fever