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People in Film | Ewan McGregor

Posted April 25, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Ewan McGregor"

The Scottish actor brings talents, looks, and most of all charm to his varied films.

Ewan McGregor | From Start to Beginners
Ewan McGregor | Blessed By Being Different
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Ewan McGregor | Blessed By Being Different

Ewan McGregor | Blessed By Being Different

Ewan McGregor was born on March 21, 1971 in a small town in Scotland to a mother and father who were teachers at the local academy. There was nothing theatrical in his childhood, except that is for his uncle, Denis Lawson. As McGregor later told Time magazine, “I was brought up in Crieff, a small, conservative town...and [Dennis Lawson] had long hair, beads and a furry waistcoat. I aspired to be as different as he seemed to me." (Lawson had appeared in three of the Star Wars film, a resume that perhaps foreshadowed his nephew’s career). By 16, McGregor left home to study drama at Perth’s Repertory Theater, and then to London to attend Guildhall School of Music and Drama. By 22, he landed several major parts on TV shows, first on Dennis Potter’s “Lipstick on your Collar” and then as Julien Sorrel in the BBC’s adaptation of Stendhal’s “Scarlet and Black” About the same time, he’d met up with Danny Boyle, who not only cast the young actor for his Hitchcock-influenced thriller Shallow Grave, but picked him for the role that would define his career.