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People in Film | Ewan McGregor

Posted April 25, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Ewan McGregor"

The Scottish actor brings talents, looks, and most of all charm to his varied films.

Ewan McGregor | From Start to Beginners
Ewan McGregor | Blessed By Being Different
Ewan McGregor | Audience’s Drug of Choice
Ewan McGregor | An Independent Star
Ewan McGregor | Charmed, I’m Sure
Ewan McGregor | A New Type of Charming Man
Ewan McGregor | An Independent Star

Ewan McGregor | An Independent Star

True to his independent spirit, McGregor continued to take roles that pushed boundaries and expectations. In Peter Greenways’ 1997 intricate puzzle drama of desire, McGregor plays an English man erotically entangled with a Japanese woman, a role that Time’s Richard Corliss expressed “shows again that he is one of the boldest, most charming young actors.” And in Todd Haynes ode to glam rock Velvet Goldmine McGregor so embodied the crazed rock Curt Wild that the Austin Chronicle’s Russell Smith described him as “doing an Iggy Pop/Lou Reed amalgam to scary perfection” and Salon’s Stephanie Zacharek commends how he “nails Wild's willfulness but also his vulnerability.”