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Emma Roberts

Posted August 31, 2010 to photo album "Emma Roberts"

Emma Roberts’ star turn in It’s Kind of a Funny Story is just the latest step in her growing career.

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Emma Roberts Grows up on Screen
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Emma Roberts Grows up on Screen

Emma Roberts Grows up on Screen

Roberts landed a few spots in films, but got her big break in 2004 when at 13, she was cast as the lead of the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous, a comedy about a teen, Addie Singer, who creates songs about just how “unfabulous” her seventh-grade life is. She continued to find roles in young adult films, like playing the title role of the 2007 Nancy Drew, Andrew Fleming’s updating of the famous girl detective. And in the 2009 comedy Hotel For Dogs, Roberts starred as the spunky Andi, a foster care kid who’s out to save her pooch. That same year, Roberts appeared in Derick Martini’s indie drama Lymelife, a period piece that Robert’s described as “kind of like American Beauty meets The Ice Storm. ” Robets recently told the Collider website, “I just feel like with independent movies…  they're really free to do whatever they want. They're not afraid to make a statement about anything.”