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Posted October 26, 2010 to photo album ""

Ellen Fanning Comes from Somewhere

Ellen Fanning Comes from Somewhere

Elle Fanning was born and raised in Conyers, Georgia––a far cry from Hollywood, California. While Dakota, her older sister (by four years), led her into acting, her family’s fame lay not in entertainment, but in sports. Her mother played tennis professionally under her maiden name, Joy Arrington. Her father, Steve Fanning, was a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Her grandfather on her mother’s side, Rick Arrington, was a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. And her aunt, Tiffany “Jill” Arrington, was voted “Sexiest Sportscaster in America” in 2001. But her biggest family influence remains her actress sister Dakota, of whom Elle explains, “"We don't really talk about movie stuff at home. It's more about sisterly stuff. I like singing, dancing, sketching and we draw together. It's fun.”