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People in Film | Elle Fanning

Posted October 26, 2010 to photo album "People in Film | Elle Fanning"

Elle Fanning may have started as her older sister Dakota’s double, but with Somewhere she shows she has a marvelous talent all her own.

Elle Fanning is Somewhere
Ellen Fanning Comes from Somewhere
Elle Fanning Goes Somewhere
Elle Fanning Has Been Somewhere with Focus
Elle Fanning Has Been Somewhere with Focus

Elle Fanning Has Been Somewhere with Focus

Two of the films for which Ms. Fanning has received the most attention have been from Focus Features. In Tod Williams’s 2004 The Door in the Floor, Elle plays the surviving daughter of a married couple (Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger) whose lives fall apart after their two teenage sons die in a car crash. Covering the film for NewEnglandFilm.com, Sandy MacDonald noted, “Elle Fanning may make you wish there were an Oscar category for four-year-olds.” Three years after The Door in the Floor, Fanning showed up in another Focus film, Terry George’s Reservation Road. Here she plays (again) the sister of a young boy killed in a fatal hit-and-run. In a cast which includes Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Connelly, and Mark Ruffalo, the young Fanning holds her own. The site Dose notes, “The grown-ups in this movie could really learn a thing or two" from her and the Denver Post calls her performance “note perfect in every scene.”