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Donald Sutherland

Posted January 06, 2011 to photo album "Donald Sutherland"

Since the 1970s, Donald Sutherland has created carefully crafted and unique cinematic characters.

Donald Sutherland | The Eagle's Elder Statesman
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Donald Sutherland | The Eagle's Elder Statesman

Donald Sutherland | The Eagle's Elder Statesman

In Kevin Macdonald's Roman adventure The Eagle, legendary actor Donald Sutherland plays Aquila, a retired general who is the uncle of the hero, Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum). “Uncle Aquila pushes Marcus, and makes him get out of bed in the morning which at that point in the story is the only thing that keeps Marcus going,” says Tatum. “He’s a wise, quirky man – and that’s who Donald Sutherland is, too.” Though a journeyed veteran like his character, Sutherland differs in that he is far from retired and still has a hunger for the challenge of acting. In a recent interview, Sutherland said, “It’s thrilling, it really is a thrilling way to work. I’ve played loads of characters that have nothing to do with [me]. It’s an interesting challenge that titillates and tantalizes me. It’s limitless the creative possibilities with this.”