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Donald Sutherland

Posted January 07, 2011 to photo album "Donald Sutherland"

Since the 1970s, Donald Sutherland has created carefully crafted and unique cinematic characters.

Donald Sutherland | The Eagle's Elder Statesman
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Donald Sutherland | The (Anti-)Establishment Guy
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Donald Sutherland | The (Anti-)Establishment Guy

Donald Sutherland | The (Anti-)Establishment Guy

As the withdrawn father in Robert Redford’s Ordinary People, Sutherland moved away from the quirky leading man into various more establishment parts. Of course, Sutherland never quite fit the perfectly domesticated character. He once quipped, “I was up for a great part but they told me: 'Sorry, you're the best actor but this part calls for a guy-next-door type. You don't look as if you've ever lived next door to anyone'.” Indeed his character as the anti-establishment establishment role was perfected as the pot-smoking professor in John Landis Animal House, a film that was a huge success, much to Sutherland’s chagrin. He’d turned down taking a percentage of box-office gross, losing millions in the process. While in the 80s and 90s, Sutherland never hit the string of hits he experienced in the 70s, he nevertheless made his mark in films Euzhan Palcy’s South African drama A Dry White Season, Oliver Stone's 1991 historical drama JFK and Fred Schepisi’s 1993 Six Degrees of Separation.