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Donald Sutherland

Posted January 07, 2011 to photo album "Donald Sutherland"

Since the 1970s, Donald Sutherland has created carefully crafted and unique cinematic characters.

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Donald Sutherland | From Canada to Hollywood
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Donald Sutherland | From Canada to Hollywood

Donald Sutherland | From Canada to Hollywood

Born in St. John, New Brunswick, in 1935, and then raised in Nova Scotia, Donald Sutherland grew up as far from Hollywood as one could imagine.  And his father, who ran the local gas and electric company, and his mother, who taught mathematics, hardly prepared him for stardom. But by the age of 14, he gained the distinction of being the youngest dj/news reader in Canada, getting a hefty $.30 hour for his work at CKBW. Although he began the University of Toronto with a proclaimed desire to be an engineer, in a few years he moved into acting and studying literature. After college, he moved to England to attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic. Cutting his professional teeth in Britain, doing stage productions and BBC television shows, Sutherland got his first film role in the low-budget horror flick Castle of the Living Dead playing the double part of klutzy cop and withered hag.