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Donald Sutherland

Posted January 07, 2011 to photo album "Donald Sutherland"

Since the 1970s, Donald Sutherland has created carefully crafted and unique cinematic characters.

Donald Sutherland | The Eagle's Elder Statesman
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Donald Sutherland | An Actor who Never Gets Old
Donald Sutherland | An Actor who Never Gets Old

Donald Sutherland | An Actor who Never Gets Old

At age 60, when most actors would be winding down their careers, Sutherland was getting a second wind. By the mid-90s and into the 21st century, Sutherland became a high-profile character actor in a number of big budget Hollywood productions (from thrillers, like A Time to Kill, The Italian Job, and Outbreak, to sweeping period pieces like Cold Mountain and Pride and Prejudice). In addition TV series, like Commander in Chief and Dirty Sexy Money, turned to him to add that special quirky flavor he perfected in the 70s. One of his most memorable roles of recent years was in playing the lovable Mr. Bennet in Joe Wright's adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (which, like The Eagle, is a Focus Features film). Looking back on the experience of working on that movie, Sutherland said, “It was delicious and they all treated me like Papa. Just wonderful. At 70 years old, it would cheer anybody up.”