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Bruno Coulais

Posted May 13, 2010 to photo album "Bruno Coulais"

Meet the man who wrote the music for the Focus Features movies Babies and Coraline.

The Conservatory
The Cesars
Instruments and Coraline


Throughout his career, beginning with his first film, documentaries have been an important genre for Coulais. They are what got him into film scoring, what provided him with his first major success (Microcosmos), and what continue to attract him.  Among his other notable documentaries are two other nature films, Winged Migration, and Disney’s Earth, and, then, of course, Thomas Balmès’ Babies. Understanding the goals of the documentary form — to depict and comment upon the realities of our outside world — Coulais is particularly attuned to music’s aesthetic but also ethical responsibilities. He says, “You know, music is dangerous because you can manipulate and change the meaning, the psychology of a sequence. Ten years ago, I had a house in Corsica, and in France we have a lot of documentaries about Corsica on TV. They want to show that it is a very dangerous country, and if you watch the picture, nothing happens, but when the music is added you think that you could be killed on any corner!”