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One Day in the Life of One Day

Posted August 09, 2011 to photo album "One Day in the Life of One Day"

August 8th was one (big) day in the life of the film One Day. Our special One Day slideshow follows Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess and director Lone Scherfig from press junket to red carpet to after-party.

New York City Junket
Director Lone Scherfig
Waldorf Astoria
Control Central
Anne Hathaway
Jim Sturgess
New York City Premiere
Anne Hathaway on the Red Carpet
Jim Sturgess
Patricia Clarkson
Anne Hathaway
Jim and Patricia
Stars and Director
The Gang's All Here
Party After the Film
Party Photo Op
Cary Fukunaga
Nina Jacobson and James Schamus
Late Night Festivities
Control Central

Control Central

The various television interviews are coordinated from the video control room.