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Julianne Moore

Posted April 16, 2010 to photo album "Julianne Moore"

Julianne Moore is the Oscar-nominated star of Far From Heaven and Focus Features’ upcoming The Kids Are All Right.

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Awards Darling
Comic Timing
Comic Timing

Comic Timing

In Lisa Cholodenko’s THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, Julianne Moore showed her remarkable comic timing as Annette Bening's life-partner. In the story, their tight-knit family – which includes a daughter who is about to go off to college, Joni (Mia Wasikowska), and teenage son, Laser (Josh Hutcherson) – is turned upside down when the kids track down Paul (Mark Ruffalo), the sperm donor who is their biological father. In casting Moore, Cholodenko explained the arithmetic to USA Today: “Julianne was a person in that age range, and I could believe that she was a mom of teenage kids. She was somebody who was super-confident about her physicality, and she could pull off the comedy and drama and wouldn't be timid about the sexuality. There aren't that many great A-list actresses in that age that have all those qualities and that look their age but look super-sexy and are in their prime.” But Moore brought even more than this to the role as Bening’s partner. As critic Claudia Puig simply puts it, “Two of the best actresses of their generation, they make even a contrived porn gag feel like plausible situational humor.”