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The Travelers Guide to Jim Jarmusch

Posted March 24, 2009 to photo album "The Travelers Guide to Jim Jarmusch"

Permanent Vacation
Stranger than Paradise
Down by Law
Mystery Train
Night on Earth
Dead Man
Year of the Horse
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Coffee and Cigarettes
Broken Flowers
Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and Cigarettes: Many of Jarmusch's films have been constructed episodically. And all play with the notion of time, often dwelling within the moments most films hurriedly edit past. These twin strategies mark Coffee and Cigarettes, a film that took 18 years to make and that is made up of eleven separate episodes. Jarmusch made the movie casually, writing the individual scripts quickly and then shooting when the right actors were available. While some of the episodes feature characters with clear-cut goals, others simply celebrate moments of non-time. Explaining one, in which Isaach De Bankolé and Alex Descas meet in a café but neither can remember why they are meeting, Jarmusch says, "Isaach thinks Alex called him to tell him something, and he insists he had nothing to say. And that's the only thing they talk about! I don't know, life goes so fast, it does seem like you have to have a reason to be in a café or something now. But maybe that's why I'm very slow as a filmmaker, because I have to have time to get some input, time that's not assigned for any reason."