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People in Film | Christopher Plummer

Posted April 25, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Christopher Plummer"

From Von Trapp to Don Juan, from Sherlock Holmes to Santa Claus, Christopher Plummer seems to have played nearly everyone in the history of Western Civilization.

Christopher Plummer | Being Hal
Christopher Plummer | Musical Roots
Christopher Plummer | Cinematic Everyman
Christopher Plummer | Not Slowing Down
Christopher Plummer | Musical Roots

Christopher Plummer | Musical Roots

Christopher Plummer, born in Toronto, Canada in 1931, was on course to become a concert pianist until, during his teens, he fell in love with the theater and acting took the place of music as his great passion. Plummer rose through the ranks as a stage actor in the 1950s, and broke into movies in 1958, when Sidney Lumet cast him in Stage Struck. However, the movie that made him a heartthrob and a household name was, fittingly enough, The Sound of Music, in which Plummer played Captain von Trapp, the widower father of seven who falls for Julie Andrews' ebullient nun-turned-nanny Maria and offered up a memorably husky rendition of “Edelweiss.” Though it may be the movie that many remember him for, the irreverent Plummer is typically cheeky in the opinions he now voices on The Sound of Music, saying in a recent interview that he finds the film “a bit saccharine” and that it is not his “particular cup of tea…Unless the nuns are interesting, and kind of kinky.”