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People in Film | Cate Blanchett

Posted March 09, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Cate Blanchett"

Whether an English or Elfin queen, Cate Blanchett proves with each role to be cinema royalty.

Cate Blanchett | A Villain for the Ages
Cate Blanchett | A Queen of the Screen
Cate Blanchett | A Class Act
Cate Blanchett | An On-Camera Chameleon
Cate Blanchett | An Awards Magnet
Cate Blanchett | A Queen of the Screen

Cate Blanchett | A Queen of the Screen

Blanchett, the daughter of an American father and an Australian mother, grew up and began her acting career Down Under, but has never been labeled––let alone typecast––as an Antipodean. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is that the performance that made the whole world sit up and pay attention to Blanchett was as the iconic English monarch Queen Elizabeth I in director Shekhar Kapur's Elizabeth. In an article on the Focus Features website, “Alison Owen on Elizabeth,” the movie's producer explains how she discovered the previously unknown Blanchett: “Our casting director, Vanessa Pereira ...kept saying that she had heard about a great girl who was acting in The Seagull in a theatre in Sydney and that if we were really up against it then we should go and see her. We were about to go into pre-production, so the idea of Shekhar and I getting on a plane to Sydney to see an unknown actress just wasn't going to happen. But Cate Blanchett had just done Oscar & Lucinda, directed by Gillian Armstrong, and  ...[a]s soon as Cate came on screen we were like, 'Oh my god, that's Elizabeth!' We still had to fly Cate over and persuade Polygram to fund the film with her... but it was just so obvious from the moment you saw her that she was Elizabeth that it didn't require any particular cleverness on our part.”