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People in Film | Cate Blanchett

Posted March 09, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Cate Blanchett"

Whether an English or Elfin queen, Cate Blanchett proves with each role to be cinema royalty.

Cate Blanchett | A Villain for the Ages
Cate Blanchett | A Queen of the Screen
Cate Blanchett | A Class Act
Cate Blanchett | An On-Camera Chameleon
Cate Blanchett | An Awards Magnet
Cate Blanchett | A Class Act

Cate Blanchett | A Class Act

Star quality is not an easy thing to describe; however there is no question that Blanchett has it in spades. In her case, what makes her light up the screen is an unmistakable presence––a combination of poise, grace and classical beauty––that sets her apart from other actresses. If she had been born 500 years earlier, one suspects, she would have been a favorite muse of the Renaissance painters. Writing about Blanchett's timeless look in the New York Times, Daphne Merkin said of her “She is not, in fact, immediately recognizable until you get up close and see those extraordinary wraparound eyes, long, narrow and a searching pale blue. Show-stopping eyes that register emotions with a clarity that conveys some Platonic essence of whatever the emotion in question is. So, I think, this is what it means to be photogenic––to have the kind of face that veils its magic until it meets up with the camera.”