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People in Film | Cary Fukunaga

Posted January 11, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Cary Fukunaga"

Get to know Cary Fukunaga, the acclaimed director of Focus Features’ Jane Eyre and Sin Nombre.

Cary Fukunaga | Beginnings
Cary Fukunaga | The Sundance Labs
Cary Fukunaga | Sin Nombre
Cary Fukunaga | Commercials and Cinematography
Cary Fukunaga | Jane Eyre
Cary Fukunaga | Commercials and Cinematography

Cary Fukunaga | Commercials and Cinematography

As Fukunaga's career has progressed, critics have noted the director's extraordinary visual assurance. He weds story and character to image and motion, and he captures his environments with a photographer's eye for both mood and detail. Perhaps that's because Fukunaga is also an extraordinary photographer and DP'd himself a number of noteworthy student films while attending NYU Film School. He has recently begun directing commercials, further refining his ability to tell dramatic stories concisely using compelling imagery. In a celebrated Levi's commercial entitled "America," Fukunaga juxtaposed voiceover from Walt Whitman's poem to stark black-and-white shots of distressed homes, fireworks, little kids flexing their muscles, and a flickering neon sign that spells the name of this country. For his upcoming film, Jane Eyre, Fukunaga says he's ready to push his visual storytelling even further. "On Sin Nombre, [cinematographer] Adriano Goldman and I improvised a lot of things on-site," he told Movieline. "We were working with untrained actors, and you can’t really block a scene in a traditional way. On this film, we’re working with such pros that can work and hit their mark, so we’re coming up with some interesting ways to shoot the film."