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Movie City: Cannes

Posted May 19, 2010 to photo album "Movie City: Cannes"

Cannes | Bright Sun and Dark Rooms
Cannes | A French Resort for British Elite
Cannes | A Sunny Home for Shady Types
Cannes | A Film Festival for Anti-Fascists
Cannes | A Town of and in the Movies
Cannes | A Hard Working Vacation Spot
Cannes | Bright Sun and Dark Rooms

Cannes | Bright Sun and Dark Rooms

Cannes, nestled comfortably on France’s Côte d'azur, with wooded hills to its back and the blue Mediterranean Sea before it, provides its resident population of 70,000 a strikingly beautiful home. In the 19th century, Lady Margaret Brewster described her impressions: “the sea so exquisitely blue—the sky so bright and cloudless—the rich sun upon the gleaming white houses so lovely….Cannes is the loveliest of all lovely places.”  And yet Cannes is most famous being the place people come to sit in dark rooms. During May, its population balloons to over double as the world film community descends, black tie in hand, for the Cannes Film Festival.  For Focus Features, Cannes remains an essential date on the film calendar, whether it is to screen films in competition, like Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock in 2009, or to sell films at the film market. Each Focus Features International unveils a remarkable slate of finished and in-production films to offer global markets.