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Movie City: Cannes

Posted May 19, 2010 to photo album "Movie City: Cannes"

Cannes | Bright Sun and Dark Rooms
Cannes | A French Resort for British Elite
Cannes | A Sunny Home for Shady Types
Cannes | A Film Festival for Anti-Fascists
Cannes | A Town of and in the Movies
Cannes | A Hard Working Vacation Spot
Cannes | A French Resort for British Elite

Cannes | A French Resort for British Elite

For centuries, the area around Cannes was nothing but a group of sleepy fishing villages. The town’s name didn’t pop up until the 10th century, when a small village was dubbed Canua (named for the neighboring reeds). For centuries more, the town endured several epidemics and a few invasions. In the 17th century, Saint-Marguerite Island, just a half mile off shore, held the infamous prisoner referred to as the Man in the Iron Mask. But then everything changed in 1834 when the Scottish lord Henry Brougham was turned away from Nice, due to a cholera epidemic. Supposedly too cheap to pay the hefty prices for a place in Antibes, the English nobleman stayed in Cannes and fell in love. He not only built his own estate, Villa Eleonore-Louise, named to honor his deceased daughter, but he wrangled permissions from the French government to develop the area to accommodate British visitors. Through the 19th century Cannes remained one of the most fashionable winter destinations for British high society.