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Movie City: Cannes

Posted May 19, 2010 to photo album "Movie City: Cannes"

Cannes | Bright Sun and Dark Rooms
Cannes | A French Resort for British Elite
Cannes | A Sunny Home for Shady Types
Cannes | A Film Festival for Anti-Fascists
Cannes | A Town of and in the Movies
Cannes | A Hard Working Vacation Spot
Cannes | A Film Festival for Anti-Fascists

Cannes | A Film Festival for Anti-Fascists

The rise of fascism in Italy pushed film lovers in France and England to find an alternative festival to the then establish world film festival in Venice. By early 1939, they had decided to hold the festival in Cannes with the cinema pioneer Louis Lumière as the festival’s first president. Everything was ready for the opening on September 1. Hollywood stars, like Mae West, Tyronne Power, and George Raft, were set to arrive by boat for the opening night. But then an uninvited Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, throwing all of Europe into War and cancelling the festival. The Festival didn’t get started again until 1946, and by 1952, no longer an alternative to Venice, Cannes moved its dates up to May. The festival has grown to being arguably the second most important international event in the world. But the forced glitz and glamour of the festival has not been to everyone’s taste. British actor Dirk Bogarde, who in 1984 was the first Briton to be appointed President to the Jury, remarked that Cannes is “my idea of hell. You see all the people you thought were dead and all the people who deserve to be dead. After a while, you start to think you might be dead, too.”  For more info, Nick Dawson provides a festival primer and Noah Harlan a guide to where to go while there.