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Canine Stars: From Rover to Cosmo

Posted May 04, 2011 to photo album "Canine Stars: From Rover to Cosmo"

Starting in 1905 when Rover rescued a baby, dogs have been cinema’s unsung heroes. We look at some of the finest.

Cosmo (Arthur)
Blair (Rover)
Etzel von Oeringen (Strongheart)
Rin Tin Tin (Various Roles)
Skippy (Asta)
Pal (Lassie)
Pal (Petey)
Terry (Toto)
Spike (Old Yeller)
Buddy/Air Bud
Moose (Eddie)
Buddy/Air Bud

Buddy/Air Bud

In 1991, trainer Kevin DiCicco found a year-old stray Golden Retrieve up by his cabin in Yosemite. The dog was hungry and dirty, and, as DiCicco later found out, had been scattered hit by a shotgun. In the process of getting the dog in shape, DiCicco discovered the pooch’s love of ball games. After six months of training and an estimated 4,000 tosses, Buddy evolved into a crack basketball player. Buddy first showed off his talent on the Stupid Pet Tricks segment of the the Late Show with Dave Letterman. His popularity led to a number of commercials and spot in the TV sitcom "Full House", before making his mark in a feature-length film written around his unique talent. The 1997 Disney comedy Air Bud proved a box-office bonanza, but its success came at a price. Shortly after wrapping, Buddy was diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma, a rare form of cancer which cost him his right hind leg.  Then only months after that Buddy died.