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Movie City | Brooklyn

Posted October 19, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Brooklyn"

Take a closer look at the New York borough that is home to Focus Features’ It’s Kind of a Funny Story, plus a buzzing film scene and a horde of unique movie venues.

Brooklyn | It’s Kind of a Funny Place
Brooklyn | In Unity There is Strength
Brooklyn | An
Brooklyn | Fostering New Indie Talent
Brooklyn | Movie Theater Heaven
Brooklyn | In Unity There is Strength

Brooklyn | In Unity There is Strength

Brooklyn wasn’t always Brooklyn, as it were. Initially, it was a Dutch village that was first settled in the 1640s called Breuckelen; the name over time morphed from Breuckelen to Brooklyn (via Brockland, Brocklin, Brookline, and Brookland!). Brooklyn’s Dutch origins are still discernible in many now-Anglicized neighborhood names (Bushwick, Midwood, New Utrecht and Flatbush, for example), while the official Brooklyn motto is still “Een Draght Mackt Maght,” which is old Dutch for “In Unity There is Strength.” In 1898, Brooklyn found further strength when it ceded its status as an independent city to become a borough of New York City.