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Joe Wright’s Five Films Behind Hanna

Posted April 11, 2011 to photo album "Joe Wright’s Five Films Behind Hanna"

Director Joe Wright recounts five very different films that helped him in creating Hanna.

Five Films Behind Hanna
Being There
Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

David Lynch has been influence on my cinematic life. When I was 15 my parents went away for a holiday leaving me alone in the house for the first time with a VHS machine. I found a tape of Blue Velvet and watched it on rotation for about 16 times. I was stunned by what felt like completely revolutionary poetry. I love it for two reasons, First of all, I think that David Lynch is one of the most important and extraordinary directors of actors. He doesn’t try to get naturalistic performances. They are very heightened performances. They somehow speak a great truth to me and I love that refusal to conform toLee Strasberg method acting. And secondly his films have  a kind of mysticism to them. There is something beyond the rational appreciation, something beyond reason. I thought that I would love to achieve that atmosphere with Hanna.