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People in Film | Patricia Clarkson

Posted June 17, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Patricia Clarkson"

The New Orleans-born actress finds a way to make every film she’s in better.

Patricia Clarkson: An Essential Character
Between New Orleans and New York
For Yale And Theater
Character Actor And Beyond
The Queen of Sundance
Big Films, Small Films, Character Part, Film Star
Big Films, Small Films, Character Part, Film Star

Big Films, Small Films, Character Part, Film Star

For Clarkson, there seems to be no film (or part) too big, or too small, that her presence can’t improve. In recent years, she has popped up in big Hollywood fare, like Shutter Island, Easy A, and All The Kings Men. Likewise she’s graced the casts of smaller films, like the George Clooney-helmed period piece Good Night and Good Luck––which Salon’s Stephanie Zacharek said she “played with delightful sharpness––the Danish director Lars Van Trier's much celebrated avant-garde drama Dogville, and Ira Sachs’ chamber quartet Married Life. In Ruba Nadda’s 2009 Canadian romance Cairo Time, Clarkson took the lead as a woman who finds love unexpectedly in modern Egypt. The critical reception to her performance as a film star was summed up by David Lewis writing for the San Francisco Chronicle: “Cairo Time confirms two things that hardly need confirming: The Egyptian capital is a breathtaking metropolis, and Patricia Clarkson is one of the best actors in the world.”