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Berlin, Germany

Posted March 10, 2010 to photo album "Berlin, Germany"

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Berlinale, Movie City takes a visit to Europe.

Berlin | City in Transition
Berlin | City of Neighborhoods
Berlin | City of Films
Berlin | City of the Movie Business
Berlin | City of Film Production
Berlin | City of Film Archives
Berlin | A City in the Movies
Berlin | City to Wander
Berlin | City of the Movie Business

Berlin | City of the Movie Business

Happening just a few blocks away from the busy Berlin Film Festival in the newly renovated Martin-Gropius-Bau, the European Film Market (EFM) gets down to business. While the public buys up tickets for the festival films, movie professionals screen hundreds of new features at the market in the hopes of finding one that people will pay money for in their respective regions. At one time a sidebar to the festival, the EFM has grown into one of the city’s most important cinematic institutions.