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Berlin, Germany

Posted March 18, 2010 to photo album "Berlin, Germany"

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Berlinale, Movie City takes a visit to Europe.

Berlin | City in Transition
Berlin | City of Neighborhoods
Berlin | City of Films
Berlin | City of the Movie Business
Berlin | City of Film Production
Berlin | City of Film Archives
Berlin | A City in the Movies
Berlin | City to Wander
Berlin | City of Film Archives

Berlin | City of Film Archives

In Potsdammer Platz, where the Berlinale is held each year, is FilmHaus, a full-service building housing a range of cinematic institutions. On the first through third floor is the Museum of Film and Television, covering cinema from the advent of silent pictures to current digital production. Kino Arsenal, the historic theater for The Friends of German Cinematheque, has two screening rooms to showcase their extensive collection, as well as visiting programs. And, of course, this being Berlin, there is Billy Wilder’s, the café/bar on the ground floor with plenty of folk arguing about what they just saw.