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Julianne Moore

Posted March 05, 2012 to photo album "Julianne Moore"

Julianne Moore is the Oscar-nominated star of Far From Heaven and Focus Features’ upcoming The Kids Are All Right.

Being Flynn's Mother
An Army Childhood, A Training in TV
One Tough Broad
A Director's Favorite
A Creative Family Unit
Awards Darling
Comic Timing
Being Flynn's Mother

Being Flynn's Mother

Photo by David Lee

While Paul Weitz’s BEING FLYNN focuses mainly on the complex father/son relationship between Nick (Paul Dano) and his dad, Jonathan (Robert De Niro), the mother, Jody Flynn (beautifully portrayed by Julianne Moore), is a key third figure in this family drama. Playing the mother from Nick’s childhood, Moore is paired with Liam Broggy, who plays the younger version of Paul Dano’s Nick. For Moore, the part was crucial to understanding the story. “The bond between a child and a single mother is a tight one,” she explains. “Paul Weitz captures the intimacy of that, getting a dynamic between Liam and I for our scenes together.”  For the real Nick Flynn (author of Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, on which BEING FLYNN is based), seeing Moore in action during filming was an overwhelming experience: “On the set I couldn’t even look at Julianne at first, except on a monitor. Finally, around noon, I was able to speak to Julianne, who was happy to talk with me. Then the next day, I went through it all again and so I left the set early. But I had to try to normalize that for myself so I would be able to watch the movie.” For audiences for nearly 30 years, Moore has brought that emotional reality and potency to the characters she plays, be it in drama or comedy.