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Bruno Coulais

Posted May 13, 2010 to photo album "Bruno Coulais"

Meet the man who wrote the music for the Focus Features movies Babies and Coraline.

The Conservatory
The Cesars
Instruments and Coraline


Capturing the first year of four babies hailing from completely different cultures (Mongolia, the U.S., Japan and Namibia), Thomas Balmès’ Babies might have demanded a score that emphasized the different regions the film cuts to. But Balmes and Coulais went for the opposite approach. Explains Coulais, “Thomas Balmès and I did not want to adapt the music to the nationality of the babies. The music needed to show that no matter what their conditions are, wherever they live, these babies grow up happy as long as they are loved. We hoped to express that universal truth.” Accordingly, Coulais brought his inventively idiosyncratic touch to the film score, creating a gentle and inviting soundtrack that suggests the mysteries of the babies’ inner worlds.  “The music of Babies was written for a very special orchestra,” Coulais elaborates. “I used a lot of toys, a string quartet, a wind orchestra, ethnic instruments, piano and percussion. The words of the lyrics have no meaning. The vocals sound like the beginning of human language.”