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Annette Bening

Posted May 11, 2010 to photo album "Annette Bening"

Annette Bening is an American Actress
Annette Bening is a Professional
Annette Bening is "A Terrific Combination"
Annette Bening is Tough as Nails
Annette Bening Is Funny As Hell
Annette Bening is Tough as Nails

Annette Bening is Tough as Nails

Like the screen goddesses of classic Hollywood, Annette Bening was able to infuse her characters with both sense and sensuality. In the Washington Post, Hal Hinson noted that her in portrayal of Virginia Hill in Bugsy, Bening “reveals both the uncompromising toughness of a woman who's used sex to get what's she's wanted out of life, and the vulnerability that comes from knowing you can go around the track only so many times before the mileage starts to show.” Bening’s talent for creating fierce independent characters with both experience and vulnerability would show up again and again, both in such light-hearted work like The American President and in tough action movies like The Siege.