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Annette Bening

Posted May 11, 2010 to photo album "Annette Bening"

Annette Bening is an American Actress
Annette Bening is a Professional
Annette Bening is "A Terrific Combination"
Annette Bening is Tough as Nails
Annette Bening Is Funny As Hell
Annette Bening is a Professional

Annette Bening is a Professional

Born in Kansas to a church singer and an insurance man, Bening moved with her family to San Diego where she was actively involved in drama at Patrick Henry High School. For a short period she went to San Diego Mesa College, and even worked as a cook on a ship, before moving north to complete her drama degree at San Francisco State University. While in the Bay Area, she applied and was accepted in drama studies at San Francisco's highly competitive American Conservatory Theater, which she in time joined as a member. Her hard work in and study of stagecraft and theater eventually paid off. After moving to New York, she quickly got noticed for her part as Holly Dancer in Tina Howe's Coastal Disturbances, a role that earned her a Tony nomination in 1986.