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People in Film | Anne Hathaway

Posted May 04, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Anne Hathaway"

From teen princess to Emma Morley, Anne Hathaway is a talent that commands our attention.

Anne Hathaway | Bringing Emma Morley to Screen
Anne Hathaway | Born to Perform
Anne Hathaway | A
Anne Hathaway | From Princess to Movie Star
Anne Hathaway | An Artist and an Activist
Anne Hathaway | Born to Perform

© Photo by Wally Hennig

Anne Hathaway | Born to Perform

Anne Hathaway in rehearsal for Millburn High School's 1998 production of "Once Upon a Mattress"

Born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey, Anne Hathaway was in many ways a normal kid with an extraordinary talent. And except for a short phase when she wanted to be a nun, she was a theater geek from day one. Early on she signed up for classes at her hometown Paper Mill Playhouse. In 2011, Theater School Director Mickey McNany told NewJersey.com, “I noticed right from the beginning that she had a very easy and natural confidence that really made her stand out…Even at such a young age she showed tremendous focus and a love of performing that would inspire everyone else in the cast.” Her turn in her high school’s 1998 staging of “Once Upon a Mattress” earned her the Paper Mill’s Rising Star Award, an honor bestowed on New Jersey’s finest young performers. Her talent quickly took her from New Jersey community theater to television where in 1999 she got a part in the series “Get Real.” When her TV gig ended early, Hathaway was pushed into film, and into audition with comedy star-maker Garry Marshall.