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People in Film | Anne Hathaway

Posted May 04, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Anne Hathaway"

From teen princess to Emma Morley, Anne Hathaway is a talent that commands our attention.

Anne Hathaway | Bringing Emma Morley to Screen
Anne Hathaway | Born to Perform
Anne Hathaway | A
Anne Hathaway | From Princess to Movie Star
Anne Hathaway | An Artist and an Activist
Anne Hathaway | An Artist and an Activist

Anne Hathaway | An Artist and an Activist

In recent years, Hathaway has breathed life into roles that ranged from the dramatic (as a lover in Love and Other Drugs) to fantasy (as the white queen in Alice in Wonderland) to the animated (as a bird in Rio). But she’s also fully embodied the role of being Anne Hathaway, a young star with integrity, humor and humanity. She defined that co-hosting the 83rd Academy Awards, winning the 2010 Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year, and co-hosting with Denzel Washington the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Indeed as busy as her professional career was, she still found time for advocacy and charity. She’s lent her name to charity groups helping children, like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and The Lollipop Theatre Network. She’s also targeted particular issues, like the first-amendment challenges with The Creative Coalition, female empowerment with Step Up, and GLBTQ rights with The Human Rights Campaign Fund, for which she received in 2008 an Ally for Equality Award. Indeed GLBTQ issues have been particularly personal because her brother Michael is gay. After doing Bride Wars, Hathaway told Modern Bride that her favorite wedding moment was her brother’s: “At one point, he and his husband were standing up there, and my mom got up to sing…She was beaming straight love into them and everyone felt it, and it was just this beautiful moment."