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Drawn to Action: Graphic Artists Interpret Hanna

Posted April 19, 2011 to photo album "Drawn to Action: Graphic Artists Interpret Hanna"

Hanna wasn't adapted from a graphic novel, but its non-stop action and striking visuals make it feel like it was. We asked three graphic artists to retro-adapt the film to page.

The Visually Graphic Hanna
Jock: Hanna in the Snow
Jock: The Container Park
Jock: Erik
Aaron Minier:
Alan Brooks: Cate Blanchett
Alan Brooks: Cate Blanchett

Alan Brooks: Cate Blanchett

Alan Brooks, a British-born graphic artist (now living in Florida), was inspired by the “range of expression and change of character with Cate Blanchett’s character.” Having worked extensively in illustrating sci-fi and fantasy projects, Brooks took the images of Cate with a gun and turned them into an explosion of color. As Brooks explains, “The timing of the scene takes a shift once the gunshot goes off behind Cate’s character. From then on in what was previously a scene of tension building soon let’s fly with quick cuts and bullets flying!”  In his illustration, Brooks “wanted to convey the change of character and pace from telephone conversation to shock, to shoot out. Ultimately the picture of the curtain blowing at the end sealed the piece as it does in the movie.”