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Mark Ruffalo

Posted May 24, 2010 to photo album "Mark Ruffalo"

FilmInFocus takes a closer look at one of the stars of The Kids Are All Right, Mark Ruffalo.

A Classic Sensibility
Theater Thespian
A Star with Range
A Director's Actor, An Actor's Director
Good With Kids
A Director's Actor, An Actor's Director

A Director's Actor, An Actor's Director

Speaking of Mark Ruffalo’s involvement in The Kids Are All Right, writer-director Lisa Cholodenko said, “He was somebody I thought of for the part from the outset. He had other offers, for bigger films, but I think that some of the great actors feel that the pleasure of acting is being able to do smaller films that you can get fully into.” Over the course of his career, Ruffalo has been very focused on pairing with talented helmers like Cholodenko, and has worked with some of the most respected auteurs in the business: Ang Lee (Ride with the Devil), Jane Campion (In the Cut), Michael Mann (Collateral), Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), David Fincher (Zodiac), Fernando Meirelles (Blindness) and Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are). Ruffalo also acted in Martin Scorsese’s latest movie, Shutter Island, an experience he describes as “the greatest film school that a man could ask for!” That cinematic education was particularly pertinent to Ruffalo as he recently directed (and also acted in) Sympathy for Delicious, which premiered alongside The Kids Are All Right at Sundance 2010. “Acting and directing are kind of at odds with each other,” says Ruffalo. “With directing you need to have a full view of what’s going on. With acting, you’re in the life of the character, with their needs and wants and desires. I would love to keep doing directing right now—I’m excited by the challenge of learning about it.”