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Julianne Moore

Posted April 20, 2010 to photo album "Julianne Moore"

Julianne Moore is the Oscar-nominated star of Far From Heaven and Focus Features’ upcoming The Kids Are All Right.

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One Tough Broad
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A Creative Family Unit
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A Creative Family Unit

A Creative Family Unit

For Julianne Moore, her creative life and personal life are intertwined. In 1996, she starred in first-time writer-director Bart Freundlich’s dysfunctional family drama The Myth of Fingerprints, and the two began dating during production. ''We started to see each other about two weeks into it,” Moore recalls. “It was casual. I don't think either of us was thinking that we were going to have two children!” Now, however, many years later, the two are married and have a daughter, Liv, and a son, Cal. Moore and Freundlich have also collaborated on a further two films – the introspective road movie World Traveler (2001) and the relationship comedy Trust the Man (2005)––and in an interview with Charlie Rose the pair admitted that the only trepidation they had over working together was about who was going to look after their kids! In the case of Trust the Man, they found a partial solution to the problem by casting both Liv and Cal in the movie. (Cal has a memorable role which involves him kicking David Duchovny in the crotch.) In 2007, Moore found another way to involve her children in her artistic output when she published Freckleface Strawberry, a kids’ book based on her experiences growing up as an awkward, redheaded little girl.