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One Life to Lens

Updated November 25, 2008

American Splendor
Black Sun
Born on the 4th of July
One Life Milk
Our Hitler
American Splendor

American Splendor

American Splendor




Where Are They Now?

Updated November 24, 2008

Cleve Jones Film
Cleve Jones now
Cleve Jones then
Anne Kronenberg Film
Anne Kronenberg now
Anne Kronenberg then
Danny Nicoletta Film
Danny Nicoletta now
Danny Nicoletta then
David Goodstein Film
Dennis Peron Film
Dennis Peron now
Dennis Peron then
Dick Pabich Film
Dick Pabich then
Jim Rivaldo Film
Michael Wong Film
Michael Wong now
Michael Wong then
Scott Smith Film
Scott Smith then
David Goodstein then
Jim Rivaldo then
Cleve Jones Film

Cleve Jones Film

Emile Hirsch as Cleve Jones




Why is San Francisco So Gay?

Updated November 24, 2008

Slide 1: How gay is San Francisco?
Slide 2: Sodomy by the Bay
Slide 3: Queerness Sewn into the City's Social Fabric
Slide 4: When it Started
Slide 5: The Really Wild West
Slide 6: A City out of Control
Slide 7: Vice Cracks Down
Slide 8: Heaven or Hell?
Slide 9: Gays in the Golden Gate
Slide 10: A
Slide 11: That Lady is a Dude!
Slide 12: Wickedest Town on the Continent
Slide 13: Open Arms Policy
Slide 14: The Black Cat
Slide 15: Greatest Gay Bar in America
Slide 16: Telling the Story
Slide 17: The City in Fiction
Slide 18: Why So Queer?
Slide 19: The Gay Bar as Center
Slide 20: Out of the Bars, into the Streets
Slide 21: Lowering the Bar
Slide 22: Complete Haven for Undesirables
Slide 23: After the War
Slide 24: Men Everywhere
Slide 25: Making it Public
Slide 26: Time to Move to San Francisco
Slide 27: Everyone Went There
Slide 28: The Crime is Getting Caught
Slide 29: God Save the Queen
Slide 30: Can't Arrest Us All
Slide 31: Very Bold Queens
Slide 32: Gays Fight Back
Slide 33: Religion and the Homosexual
Slide 34: Gays March On
Slide 35: Taking the City Back
Slide 1: How gay is San Francisco?

Slide 1: How gay is San Francisco?

In 1977 San Franciscans elected the first openly gay man to public office in the United States, Harvey Milk, whose life and death are commemorated in Gus Van Sant's new film Milk staring Sean Penn in the title role.




Day 2

Updated November 18, 2008

Kisha again
Kieth again
Towards the end of the day
Bad retail signage?
Halloween 2
Halloween 3
Halloween 4






Photo Gallery: Creating Film Stars in Chicago, America's Third Coast

Updated November 06, 2008

To accompany the article Creating Film Stars in Chicago, America’s Third Coast, FilmInFocus takes a pictorial look at the histories of Steppenwolf Theatre Company and Second City.

Slide 1: Steppenwolf Theater
Slide 2: Sinise and Stoppard
Slide 3: Founder Sinise
Slide 4: Steppenwolf in Hollywood
Slide 5: Malkovich at Steppenwolf
Slide 6: John Malkovich
Slide 7: Malkovich as Hollywood Icon
Slide 8: Joan Allen in Steppenwolf
Slide 9: Joan Allen
Slide 10: Joan Allen's acting success
Slide 11: Marthy Lavey
Slide 12: Second City
Slide 13: John Belushi
Slide 14: Three Comedians on their way to film
Slide 15: Belushi  before SNL
Slide 16: Bill Murray Before SNL
Slide 17: Murray's early improv
Slide 18: Another SNL star
Slide 19: A future Sarah Palin and others
Slide 20: Tina Fey
Slide 21: The Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Slide 22: The Arch
Slide 23: Another Chicago Institute
Slide 24: Other Chicago film people
Slide 25: Chicago today
Slide 1: Steppenwolf Theater

Slide 1: Steppenwolf Theater

In 1982, the company moved into the 211-seat theater at 1650 N. Halsted Street Chicago, IL.




Day 1

Updated November 04, 2008