Stephen Holden_New York Times
Stephen Holden
"Satisfyingly rich."

"Makes you believe in true love, happily-ever-after and all the other stuff a romantic comedy promises but so seldom delivers. For one misty-eyed moment, order reigns in the universe. 'Pride and Prejudice' gathers you up on its white horse and gallops off into the sunset. Along the way, it serves a continuing banquet of high-end comfort food perfectly cooked and seasoned. When (Keira Knightley) is on the screen, which is much of the time, you can barely take your eyes off her. Her radiance so suffuses the film. Satisfyingly rich. The sumptuous new screen adaptation has so much to recommend it."

Carina Chocano_LA Times
Carina Chocano
"a joy from start to finish."

"Exhilarating. With outstanding performances, 'Pride & Prejudice' is a joy from start to finish. Keira Knightley animates Lizzie's laserlike wit. Her vibrant performance eloquently expresses the ignominious, but often funny, position Lizzie and her four sisters have been placed in by fate, gender and circumstance. Matthew Macfadyen's Mr. Darcy broods and stews more fiercely than ever. He's sexy in a forlorn, wild-haired way. His and Knightley's near-kisses are more heavily charged than all the nudity-for-art's-sake in the world."

David Elliott_San Diego Union Tribune
David Elliot
"Profoundly accomplished."

"4 stars! Delightful! Fall into the thrall of a master served beautifully. Profoundly accomplished. Keira Knightley makes the movie her own and her fate our deepest care. Donald Sutherland is perfection."

Eleanor Ringel Gillespie_Atlanta Journal Constitution
Eleanor Ringel Gillespie

"Keira Knightley brings Jane Austen's book to glorious, pulsating life! She gives a star-making performance."

Jeff Strickler_Minneapolis Star Tribune
Jeff Strickler
"First class!"

"First class! Jane Austen's classic novel gets a traditional telling that is lush with detail. Keira Knightley maintains a perfect balance between starry-eyed romance and down-to-earth practicality."

Kerry Lengel_Arizona Republic
Kerry Lengel

"Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen create a smoldering chemistry. Austen fans will delight to see their favorite characters brought to life."

Carrie Rickey_philadelphia enquirer
Carrie Rickey
"Undeniably sexy!"

"3.5 stars! Quite simply, it is the essential 'Pride and Prejudice!' Undeniably sexy! Keira Knightley radiates intelligence and beauty. Matthew Macfadyen is an ideal Darcy. As the movie proceeds their mutual magnetism is undeniable. Donald Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn are excellent."