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Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike

Jane Bennet

Rosamund Pike will shortly be seen starring in Andrzej Bartkowiak's sci-fi action thriller Doom.

At 16, she joined the National Youth Theatre, while continuing her studies at Oxford University and gaining a degree in English literature. Her first television roles were also undertaken during her studies - including leading roles in the miniseries Wives and Daughters (directed by Nicholas Renton, and with Pride & Prejudice costar Tom Hollander) and Love in a Cold Climate (directed by Tom Hooper, and adapted by Pride & Prejudice screenwriter Deborah Moggach).

In her recent return to the stage, Ms. Pike won critical praise for her starring role in Terry Johnson's Hitchcock Blonde.

Her other films include Laurence Dunmore's The Libertine (again with Pride & Prejudice costar Tom Hollander) and Lee Tamahori's blockbuster Die Another Day (opposite Pierce Brosnan as James Bond).