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Paul Tothill


Paul Tothill first worked with Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright on the miniseries Charles II: The Power & The Passion (a.k.a. The Last King).

He started his editing career at the BBC. In addition to several Royal Television Society Award nominations, he has received five BAFTA Award nominations, for his work on the following television miniseries: Bille Eltringham's The Long Firm; Stephen Poliakoff's Perfect Strangers; Andy Wilson's Gormenghast; Metin Hüseyin's The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling; and Anthony Page's Middlemarch.

Mr. Tothill's other credits include Stephen Poliakoff's miniseries Shooting the Past; Beeban Kidron's miniseries Murder; Simon Cellan-Jones' segments of the epic miniseries Our Friends in the North; and Shane Meadows' A Room for Romeo Brass.