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In a recent Los Angeles Times article, "On the Set: 'ParaNorman' in a wacky world of its own," Booth Moore traveled up to Oregon to visit Laika studio where stop-motion animators are finishing up work on Chris Butler and Sam Fell's wacky zombie adventure PARANORMAN. It's fascinating look at the ideas, designs and hard work that go into making such a labor-intensive work like PARANORMAN. But why use stop-motion? Co-director and screenwriter Chris Butler waxes poetic about the rough-hewn beauty created through this technique: "we wanted to find the coarseness, the asymmetry, the broken edges. And everyone we roped in along the way in some way added to that." Indeed as Booth adds:

There is also a warmth and whimsy to Norman's zombie-shaped electric toothbrush and fuzzy zombie slippers, and eccentric Mr. Prendergast's (voiced by John Goodman) doodled-on puffer vest and trucker hat emblazoned with a beaver wielding a wrench.