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Jim Sturgess tows the MovieLine

Jen Yamato's interview in Movieline, "Jim Sturgess on One Day and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Hollywood Fame," talks to the ONE DAY star about the movie and his movie career. While he claims he didn't cry when he read the script, he admits "I remember feeling very shocked and then feeling very excited that this was a script in a romance film that was daring to take some risks." One of those risks was getting Dexter just right, since Dexter bordered on being just a bounder. Sturgess explains:

You had to like something about him and believe that Emma really liked him, otherwise he was just really irritating and annoying. So we worked quite hard to tread that fine line between arrogance and obnoxious behavior and to find the insecurities, the vulnerabilities that create that kind of behavior. He goes through a lot, and he goes through a lot of traumatic events in his life, and it was fun to play someone so flawed, someone who makes those kinds of big mistakes. Bad life choices, you know?



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