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David Nicholls talks writing in GQ

In the British GQ magazine, Jonathan Heaf in "David Nicholls talks ONE DAY," talks with the novelist and screenwriter of ONE DAY. It's a great profile of the writer, from his early days attempting to be a novel, to his recent success as a novelist and screenwriter...

ONE DAY in style at London Premiere

ONE DAY had its London Premiere at London's Westfield Shopping Centre, and everyone one was there: director Lone Scherfig, stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, to name just a few. Anne Hathaway was, StyleBistro reports, "glowing at the event in a sheer, ivory embroidered sleeveless dress from the Sarah Burton Resort 2012 collection for Alexander McQueen." To check out more of the fun, see ScreenDaily's special slide show...

Guardian on ONE DAY's Rafe Spall

In the Guardian, Francesca Babb has a profile "ONE DAY star Rafe Spall on Anne Hathaway, Ridley Scott and dad Tim." It's a very robust piece on the young actor and his background. In ONE DAY, Spall plays Ian, the hapless boyfriend of Emma (Anne Hathaway). As to his character, Rafe quips, "It's the tragedy of someone who thinks they're funny." Spall goes on to talk about how he got the part...

Lone Scherfig on NPR

The weekend director Lone Scherfig talked with NPR's Weekend Edition about making the Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess romance ONE DAY. A fascinating audio interview you can listen to at the NPR site. In one spot, Scherfig relates the experience of a filmmaker opening a film. With ONE DAY:  "it's like the feeling you had when you saw your child walking to school for the first time. ... I have to just get re-used to it. It's not my film anymore. It belongs to the audience...I can't keep fixing it."

PopSugar: Anne Hathaway’s Biggest Fan Meets Her Idol

PopSugar held a contest for Anne Hathaway’s biggest fan. And the winner Areeba attends the ONE DAY press junket to interview Anne, offer her cupcakes, and do a little ‘girl talk” about Jim Sturgess. So sweet. Watch the whole series.

Jim Sturgess reports to The Hollywood Reporter

A video on The Hollywood Reporter site featues ONE DAY star Jim Sturgess talking about the many challenges in playing Dexter, including the expectations that fans of David Nicholl's best-selling  novel have for Dexter. Charming, as always.

Lone Scherfig’s Speakeasy Post

In the Wall Street Journal culture blog, Speakeasy, ONE DAY director Lone Scherfig talks with Michelle Kung about getting the tone and tempo of  her sweeping romance with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess just right. While the talk covers a lot, from Elvis Costello to Danish drama, one of the more fascinating topics is Scherfig's explanation of how they managed time passage in the film...

Jim Sturgess tows the MovieLine

Jen Yamato's interview in Movieline, "Jim Sturgess on One Day and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Hollywood Fame," talks to the ONE DAY star about the movie and his movie career. While he claims he didn't cry when he read the script, he admits "I remember feeling very shocked and then feeling very excited that this was a script in a romance film that was daring to take some risks." One of those risks was getting Dexter just right...

ONE DAY Lone Scherfig in HuffPost

Lone Scherfig talks book to HuffPost, Kristen McCracken talks with ONE DAY director Lone Scherfig about bring David Nicholls' best-selling novel to the screen. She talks about everything, from casting to being moved when she first read the script. What's fascinating is her rule about how to age the characters...

NY MAG Vulture and Lone Scherfig

In New York Magazine's culture blog, Vulture, Sarah Wexler speaks with ONE DAY director Lone Scherfig about adaptation, accents and ageing. One of the most interesting responses is Scherfig explaining why she cast Anne Hathaway...

Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess on Yes/No Show

This could be perhaps a few of the most painful and hilarious moments on TV.  ONE DAY stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess struggle to answer "yes" or "no" to Josh Horowitz's questions on his insanely funny "Yes/No Show" on MTV.Com.

NY Mag's Vulture picks David Nicholls' Brain

New York Magazine's Culture Blog "Vulture" features a short interview with David Nicholls, the man who wrote both the novel ONE DAY and then adapted it for film. Nicholls candor and wit are in full force, as he jokes that "the screenwriter's ideal version of the film is longer than anyone else's. My version of the movie would be nine hours." He also admits to his own private soundtrack for the story....

Boston Globe revolves around ONE DAY Anne Hathaway

In recent Boston Globe piece, Judy Abel's "Making her Own Magic," Anne Hathaway talks about her life and her ONE DAY character Emma's life, and the points in between. Indeed Hathaway talks about how she loved the story of ONE DAY, and that, "It's not surprising I'm drawn to stories about later bloomers....I think women get more confident as they get older and become happier.'' Having played princess (with a happily ever after), Hathaway highlighted ONE DAY's more naturalistic approach:

Because movies - particularly some of the movies I've made - make it seem like you can find your soul mate and get everything worked out in 6.4 days. I like the idea that these people had to work a few things out for themselves before they could find love.

Caryn James talks with Lone Scherfig about Love

In her blog James on Screens, film critic Caryn James talks with ONE DAY director Lone Scherfig about making the film and the lost art of romance films, as in films like THE WAY WE WERE. 

Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess take MTV Chemistry Test

At MTV's Hollywood Crush, MTV News' Josh Horowitz interviews ONE DAY's Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess about their chemistry on set. As Blogger Terri Schwartz notes at the end of her post om the video: "Are we the only ones affected by how adorable this back-and-forth was." Indeed it was. Is.

ONE DAY Soundtrack Ready to Play

The ONE DAY Soundtrack has been released from Universal Music with a brand new track, "Sparkling Day," by Elvis Costello. The soundtrack, like the movie, maps out the lives of two main characters over a 20-year period, moving from Tears for Fears ("Sowing the Seeds of Love") and Tricky ("Aftermath") to Fatboy Slim ("Praise You") and Robbie Williams ("Angels"). The album also contains some of the lush score from Rachel Portman. For more, see press release on the ONE DAY soundtrack release.

New York Times Comes to the ONE DAY party

Bee-Shyuan Chang of the New York Times chronicles her night with Focus in “One Night heralds ONE DAY.” The piece covers Lone Scherfig’s ONE DAY’s night, from the premiere’s red carpet to the after-premiere part at the Russian Tea Room. Since there is in the style page, there’s lots of style musings, from noting Anne Hathaway’s strapless gold and black Alexander McQueen dress to designer Rachel Roy’s reasons for wearing actual pajamas to the premiere: ““I like to take risks. I want to show young girls in particular that you can have fun in fashion.” And fun it was for all....

Jim Sturgess in The Telegraph on costumes and character

The British paper The Telegraph carried a fascinating interview with ONE DAY's star Jim Sturgess in the magazine section this weekend. Done by Vicki Reid, the interview coves a lot of territory, from Sturgess' teen rock band days to his new projects to the complexity of getting Dex just right. Perhaps one of the most interesting things is the way Sturgess used costumes to build his character...

Anne Hathaway covers Marie Claire

For their September issue, the Fashion Mag Marie Claire picked the ever stylish Anne Hathaway in a star-burst Dolce & Gabbana dress. Online is a chic slideshow with gorgeous pix by photographer Mark Abrahams of Ms. Hathaway in a range of elegant poses. Gorgeous in gowns, Hathaway is bluntly honest about the emotional power of ONE DAY in her interview. She recounts that when she read the story, "I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. I was crying and gulping for air. Very few movies are honest about love."

Jim Sturgess on Jimmy Kimmel

Very funny interview with Jim Sturgess and Jimmy Kimmel.  To see the second part, go here.

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