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people in film People In Film: Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks in WALK OF SHAME
In the outrageous new comedy WALK OF SHAME, Elizabeth Banks plays reporter Meghan Miles as she embarks on a legendary walk of shame. However, in real life, Elizabeth Banks is on a different path, quite the opposite from a walk of shame.

people in film | Dallas Buyers Club Denis O'Hare

Denis O’Hare | Dr. Sevard in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB
Denis O’Hare turns in a memorable performance as Dr. Sevard in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, but this talented actor has been in five Focus Features in total.

people in film | Dallas Buyers Club Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner | Warmth & Intelligence
Throughout her career Jennifer Garner has gone from fist-flinging spies and superheroes to romantic comedy heroines. In DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, she highlights her talent for intelligence and humanity.

people in film | Dallas Buyers Club Jean-Marc Vallée

Jean-Marc Vallée | Chronicler of Love
Director Jean-Marc Vallée brings to DALLAS BUYERS CLUB his unique filmmaking style, a vision honed by years of learning how to bring complex characters and personal stories to the screen.

people in film | Dallas Buyers Club Jared Leto

Jared Leto | Becoming Rayon

While some critics have marveled at Jared Leto’s transformation into the transsexual Rayon in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, it becomes clear that Leto’s dynamic career has been all about transformation.


people in film | Dallas Buyers Club Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey | DALLAS BUYERS CLUB
From Texas stoner to rom-com king to an Oscar-worthy turn in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, Matthew McConaughey remains an actor who continues to surprise everyone.

people in film | Closed Circuit Jim Broadbent

Jim Broadbent | Nothing As It Appears
In CLOSED CIRCUIT, Jim Broadbent plays an inscrutable Attorney General who always seems to mean more than he says. As an actor who has played every possible role, from high comedy to deep drama, Broadbent was easily able to create such a multi-faceted character.

people in film | Closed Circuit Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall | A CLOSED Case for Claudia
Born into a legendary theatre family, Rebecca Hall had acting in her blood. But her sharp and smart portrayal of a special advocate in CLOSED CIRCUIT proves that she’s in a league of her own.

people in film | Closed Circuit John Crowley

People in Film: John Crowley
In CLOSED CIRCUIT, director John Crowley turns a timely tale of government surveillance into a very human drama. Be it on stage or in film, Crowley has demonstrated again and again his unique talent for making complex human stories intimate and real.

people in film | The World's End Nick Frost

Nick Frost | A Pub Crawler to End Them All
In THE WORLD’S END, Nick Frost changes things up, playing the sane and (somewhat) sober counterpart to Simon Pegg’s delirious delinquent. But no matter what the character, Frost brings here, as he does in all his roles, the same hilarious, all-too-human spirit.

people in film | The World's End Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright | The END of a Dream
In THE WORLD’S END, Edgar Wright once again displays his unique talent for connecting to and making fun of classic genre. But as with all his films, Wright’s brilliant, sometime bloody humor is never at the expense of his heart and humanity.

people in film | The World's End Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg | Man of Many Faces
In THE WORLD’S END, Simon Pegg heads up the third and last adventure with his pals Nick Frost and Edgar Wright. But the creative journey of this very funny writer/actor is just getting started.

people in film | The Place Beyond The Pines The Tone of Destiny

Mike Patton
Mike Patton, the composer for THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, reflects on his collaboration with Derek Cianfrance.

people in film | The Place Beyond The Pines Dane DeHaan

Dane DeHaan | On a Roll
From theater to TV to film, Dane DeHaan makes a splash in each new medium. And now as the ill-fated son in THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, DeHaan shows again why his star is on the rise.