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Movie City Made in New York

Will Smith and canine friend in an abandoned NYC

Scott Macaulay looks at the backstory of the New York’s Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting and how Gotham transformed itself into a true movie town.

Movie City Cannes for Beginners

The Dardenne brothers

As part of Movie City Cannes, Nick Dawson provides a little historical context for the world’s most famous and glitziest film festival.

Movie City The Cannes Quick Guide

The Palais during Cannes 2009

Producer Noah Harlan, a longtime attendee of the Cannes Film Festival, presents an on-the-ground guide to the glitziest event on the film calendar.

Movie City Tokyo Movie Theaters

The Shin-Bungeiza theater

Cinematographer Sean Williams offers up his subjective perspective on going to the movies in Tokyo.

Movie City The Tokyo You Find in Movies

Womb in Tokyo

You can still find the places Tokyo has popped up in films—in Tokyo.

Movie City A Cinephile’s Guide to Tokyo

The National Film Center

A longtime Tokyo resident guides us through the narrow streets of Tokyo to find hidden cinematic gems.

Movie City Berlinale Goes Kiez

Wings of Desire

Berlin resident David Hudson takes a look at the Berlin Film Festival’s new Berlinale Goes Kiez program, which pairs the city’s movie theaters with homegrown film directors.

Movie City UFA - The Iconic Contradiction

Palast am Zoo

David Parkinson, FilmInFocus’ resident film historian, casts an eye over the history of UFA, the studio that played a central role in Berlin’s cinematic history.

Movie City Movie City: Berlin


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Berlinale, Movie City takes a visit to Europe.

Movie City Movie City: Park City

Park City

FilmInFocus checks into Park City to look at this Utah ski town and the Sundance Film Festival to which it plays host.

Movie City Liverpool on Film

Jimmy Aubrey

As part of Movie City Liverpool, David Parkinson provides a fascinating and thorough history of Merseyside’s multifaceted relationship with the movies.

Movie City Movie City: Liverpool

Liverpool skyline

To celebrate the release of Focus Features’ raucous comedy Pirate Radio, FilmInFocus is designating Liverpool – the musical hub of the British Invasion – as its next Movie City.

Movie City Movie City: Minneapolis

Movie City: Minneapolis - LEADPHOTO

FilmInFocus makes a cinematic stopover in Minneapolis, home of the Coen brothers.

Movie City Minneapolis Film Festivals

Al Milgrom

As part of Movie City Minneapolis, Nick Dawson checks in on the film festival scene in the home of the Coen brothers.