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people in film William Eubank

William Eubank’s THE SIGNAL will introduce many to the stunning imagination of a powerfully visual storyteller. But it’s a style developed by years of honing his craft and keeping on the cutting edge of camera technology.

Inside Our Movies Boys Will Be Boys

Bateman and Chand
Star/director Jason Bateman knew what his 10-year-old costar Rohan Chand was going through, because he’d been there as child star himself. The two boys – both onscreen and off – forged a special relationship making BAD WORDS.

Inside Our Movies KIDS TO MEN

At the heart of BAD WORDS is the funny, feisty, and finally real relationship between Jason Bateman and newcomer Rohan Chand. We look at other five films where the war between a youngster and adult ends up redeeming both combatants.

people in film Where You’ve Seen Rohan Chand Before

BAD WORDS | Chaitanya Chopra
If the young star of BAD WORDS, Rohan Chand looks familiar, it’s because with just four performances, the young talent has already made a significant impact.

Movie Classics 10 Comedies That Push The Edge

Bad Words

Jason Bateman’s comedy BAD WORDS about a foul-mouthed, insult-hurling adult out to trounce kids in spelling bees would be shocking, if it wasn’t so damn funny. We take a look at other comedies that push the edge.

people in film Kathryn Hahn: People in Film

Kathryn Hahn: People in Film
In recent years, Kathryn Hahn has proven to be that secret ingredient that filmmakers and TV producers add to give their show an extra jolt of comedy and fun. Now she brings her flavor to BAD WORDS.

people in film | Bad Words Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman | An Evolving Talent
From an iconic child comedy actor to a revered adult straight man, Jason Bateman has stamped his films and television shows with his unique and elegant sense of humor.

Inside Our Movies | Dallas Buyers Club Art Against AIDS

Inspired by AIDS activist art, production designer John Paino included several posters as a backdrop to DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. We take a longer look at how artists responded to the AIDS crisis.

Inside Our Movies | Dallas Buyers Club New York City Buyers Club

Derek Hodel, former Executive Director of the People With AIDS Health Group, maps out the history of New York City’s preeminent buyers club from anger and frustration to guarded hope.

Inside Our Movies | Dallas Buyers Club 10 Amazing Transformative Performances

Transformations in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB
In DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, both Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto deliver transformative performances by changing their bodies and hearts to fit the story. We celebrate their performances by looking at 8 other great turns.

Inside Our Movies Dallas Buyers Club Photo Gallery

Matthew McConaughey

Inside Our Movies | The World's End Two for the Laughs

Two For The Laughs
THE WORLD’S END reunites Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the duo at the heart of the Cornetto Trilogy. We showcase five other great comedy duos that came before them.

Inside Our Movies | Closed Circuit CLOSED CIRCUIT NYC Special Screening

Julia Stiles, Eric Bana, and Rebecca Hall
The stars, filmmakers and friends of CLOSED CIRCUIT showed up for the film's August 19th special screening in New York City.

Inside Our Movies | Closed Circuit Ten Surveillance Films That Will Have You Looking Over Your Shoulder

CLOSED CIRCUIT | Our New Surveillance State
John Crowley’s thriller CLOSED CIRCUIT makes the extensiveness of police surveillance an integral part of its suspenseful plot. We look at 9 other fun films that zoom in on surveillance.