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people in film Ashley Greene | People in Film

Josh Gad and Ashley Greene
In WISH I WAS HERE, Ashley Greene plays someone who reveals who she really is by dressing up as a character, a fitting part for some who developed as a character in one of the most successful sagas of all time.

people in film People in Film | Joey King

Joey King and Zach Braff
From smiling in Life commercials to embracing her future in WISH I WAS HERE, Joey King has already portrayed a lifetime of characters.

Inside Our Movies 10 Soundtracks That Moved The World

With the soundtrack for WISH I WAS HERE, Zach Braff looks to create the same musical magic he did with his debut Garden State. We pay homage to other soundtracks that provided a score for their generation of fans.

people in film People In Film | Josh Gad

Josh Gad | Becoming a Better Actor
From an early age Josh Gad recognized the power of humor, creating characters that were goofy, off-kilter and, odd still, utterly inspiring. Not unlike the role he plays as Zach Braff’s brother in WISH I WAS HERE.

people in film People in Film | Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson may have been born into Hollywood royalty, but she’s clearly a talent all on her own. We look back at the cinematic career of this young star who just keeps getting better.

people in film People in Film: Zach Braff

Zach Braff  | The Power of the Imagination
Zach Braff’s new film WISH I WAS HERE beautifully captures the adventure of growing into your own life. We look back at Braff’s own remarkable journey here.

people in film People In Film | Mandy Patinkin

Mandy Patinkin | Mandy Patinkin
Few performers seem as capable of rising as quickly in various mediums at Mandy Patinkin. Playing Zach Braff’s father in WISH I WAS HERE, Patinkin brings with him a lifetime of experience from stage, screen and TV

people in film Laurence Fishburne Means Science Fiction

Laurence Fishburne in THE SIGNAL
In THE SIGNAL, Laurence Fishburne brings something unique the moment he shows up on screen. As in other sci-fi films, his very presence lets you know that the world you are entering is one you could never have imagined.

people in film Lin Shaye's Five Fave Scary Fun Sci-Fi Films

Lin Shay
THE SIGNAL actress Lin Shaye has been in some terrifically terrifying movies. So we asked her to tell us her five most fun, maybe scary, sci-fi films.

people in film Where You’ve Seen Olivia Cooke Before

The Signal
Newcomer Olivia Cooke turns in a memorable performance as the girlfriend of Nic (Brenton Thwaites) in THE SIGNAL; it’s the latest in a string of eerily good (and eerie) roles.

people in film People in Film: Brenton Thwaites

Brenton Thwaites in the Signal
In THE SIGNAL, Brenton Thwaites goes on a wild, mind-bending voyage that tests his sense of identity and reality. It’s a ride not dissimilar from the actor’s sudden rise from soap opera actor to big screen star.

Inside Our Movies Ten Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Films

The Signal
William Eubank’s THE SIGNAL is the kind of dazzling sci-fi trip that takes you to places you never imagined, and it does so by using its imagination rather than scores of special effects.

people in film People in Film: Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne | Unplumbed Depths of Talent
From play acting as a young boy in Brooklyn, Laurence Fishburne followed his dream to become an actor, moving from stage, screen, and TV, to finally arrive at his most recent role in THE SIGNAL.

people in film People In Film: William Eubank

William Eubank | A Visual Storyteller
William Eubank’s THE SIGNAL will introduce many to the stunning imagination of a powerfully visual storyteller. But it’s a style developed by years of honing his craft and keeping on the cutting edge of camera technology.