Kenneth Turan_LA Times
Kenneth Turan
"Soulful and reflective"

"A triumph. Walter Salles was the right choice to direct a film that, knowing enough not to push too hard, simply unfolds in front of us. Gael García Bernal has the gift of unforced magnetism, the ability to make unselfconscious sensitivity heroic on screen. Soulful and reflective…as gentle as it is potent."

Joel Siegel_Good Morning America
Joel Siegel
"Simply spectacular!"

"Simply spectacular! Could get a Best Picture Oscar nomination! This is the kind of movie that works so well it’s not like you are watching the film. It is like you are going along for the ride. Amazingly done."

Richard Roeper_Ebert and Roeper
Richard Roeper

"Thumbs up! Beautifully shot, and the chemistry between these two young actors is terrific. I was moved."

Carla Meyer_San Francisco Chronicle
Carla Meyer

"5 stars! A superb film. With humor, exquisite compassion and visual grace."

Colin Covert_Star Tribune
Colin Covert
"a trip nobody should miss."

4 stars! Joyous, inspiring and exciting! It's a trip nobody should miss. It showcases two of the best performances of the year. Gael García Bernal is superb. Rodrigo de la Serna has a shot at a best-supporting-actor nomination for his roguish performance.

Michael Wilmington_Chicago Tribune
Michael Wilmington

"’The Motorcycle Diaries’ is Walter Salles' best film."

David Elliott_San Diego Union Tribune
David Elliot
"4 stars!"

"4 stars! One of the most affecting and humanly realized films ever made about a great man! Director Walter Salles’ command of tone and tactics is impeccable."