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Bob Balaban, the trusty narrator of MOONRISE KINGDOM, is back and doing double duty as both narrator and librarian of the township of New Penzance in a special video debuting on EW.Com's "Inside Movies."  Created by the makers of MOONRISE KINGDOM, the video has Mr. Balaban introducing the books that Suzy Bishop reads, each getting a short animation. The idea for the animation came from the scenes when Suzy talks about her love for books in the film. Wes Anderson explains, "At one point in the process, when she's reading these passages from these books, I'd thought about going into animation." As such, Anderson wrote new excerpts for his fictional Young Adult fiction and different animators from around the world recreated the look and feel of book covers found in the film in order to bring them to life with Suzy (Kara Hayward) reading the new excerpts. The books included are: Shelly and the Secret Universe, The Francine Odysseys, The Girl From Jupiter, Disappearance of the 6th Grade, The Light of Seven Matchsticks and, of course, Return of Auntie Lorraine. Producer Jeremy Dawson noted, "I think we all just pitched in and we pulled a lot of favors because it was not like we spent a ton of money doing it....People got excited about it..."



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