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Wes Anderson and Focus CEO James Schamus
Inside Our Movies MOONRISE KINGDOM Cannes After-Party
After Wes Anderson’s MOONRISE KINGDOM opened the Cannes Film Festival, guests and filmmakers made a special midnight cocktail party for the film their final destination.
The Bishops
multimedia Moonrise Kingdom Character Poster: The Bishops
This is Walt and Laura Bishop. Counselors-at-Law, Doctors of Jurisprudence. Their daughter's been abducted by a troop of beige lunatics.
Scout Master Ward
multimedia Moonrise Kingdom Character Poster: Scout Master Ward
This is Scout Master Ward. Field Officer, Troop 55, Khaki Scouts of America. He's a math teacher on the side.
multimedia Moonrise Kingdom Character Poster: Suzy
This is Suzy Bishop. She likes stories with magical powers in them. From time to time, she goes berserk.
multimedia Moonrise Kingdom Character Poster: Sam
This is Sam Shakusky. He's a good boy. He's got a good heart. But if you find him, don't forget to bring a weapon.
Captain Sharp
multimedia Moonrise Kingdom Character Poster: Captain Sharp
This is Captain Sharp. Island Police, New Penzance Township. He loved someone once, but she didn't love him back.
multimedia Moonrise Kingdom Character Poster: Ben
This is Cousin Ben, Falcon Scout, Legionnaire. You want pop? You want candy? You want a snake-bite kit? Get some money.
Social Services
multimedia Moonrise Kingdom Character Poster: Social Services
This is Social Services. Custodial Guardian, Juvenile Refuge, 27 years. Nothing else is in your power.
Bill Murray | Executive Decision
people in film Bill Murray
As President Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Murray taps into something many might easily miss in trying to connect the famous comic to one of America’s most important leaders. As a beloved entertainer, Murray understood the importance of winning people’s hearts in order to get oneself noticed.
Wes Anderson The Realm of MOONRISE KINGDOM
people in film Wes Anderson
From staging theatrical extravaganzas in high school to capturing young love in MOONRISE KINGDOM, Wes Anderson creates magical and imaginative worlds that reflect his singular creative vision.
Tilda Swinton | Force Majeure
people in film Tilda Swinton
As the stern Social Services in MOONRISE KINGDOM, Tilda Swinton cuts a striking figure. But it's a presence honed from decades of working with some of the world’s great film artists and sharpened by her brilliant performances.
Bruce Willis | New Horizons in MOONRISE KINGDOM
people in film Bruce Willis
From the smart-cracking detectives of Moonlighting and Die Hard to his smart career choices – such as his latest film, MOONRISE KINGDOM – Bruce Willis remains one of Hollywood's most durable stars.
Edward Norton | Imitating The Inimitable Wes
people in film Edward Norton
As Scout Master Ward in MOONRISE KINGDOM, Ed Norton is a new talent in Wes Anderson’s magical universe. But the actor’s extraordinary skill in taking on a range of complex characters has been well-known for a decade and half.
Jason Schwartzman | A Familiar Face in the Anderson Kingdom
people in film Jason Schwartzman
While Jason Schwartzman comes from cinematic royalty, his rise to stardom has been a carefully navigated course that reflects his many interests and loves, including working with friend Wes Anderson on MOONRISE KINGDOM.
Frances McDormand | An Inspiration and a Colleague
people in film Frances McDormand
Frances McDormand has risen to become one of film’s most respected actresses for the depth and humanity she brings to her characters, as well as her seemingly magical ability to transform herself from role to role.
1965: The Year of MOONRISE KINGDOM
Inside Our Movies 1965: The Year of MOONRISE KINGDOM
Wes Anderson’s MOONRISE KINGDOM covers the events that took place on the imaginary island of New Penzance during the summer of 1965. To look at what was happening elsewhere, we take a stroll back in time to cover the rest of the world in 1965.
Inside Our Movies Noye's Fludde: The Opera at the Heart of MOONRISE KINGDOM
In MOONRISE KINGDOM, the community of New Penzance comes together for a production of Benjamin Britten’s opera Noye’s Fludde. It’s no coincidence Wes Anderson chose this celebrated British work from the 1950s for the theatrical centerpiece of his childhood romance.
Vintage Team Photo
Inside Our Movies That Special Sixties Summer
From hand-picked wall murals to Texas-sourced trailer homes, Wes Anderson and his design team carefully considered every object to capture the just right sensibility of the early sixties.
Moonrise Kingdom A Magical Place
Inside Our Movies A Magical Place
From using high-tech computer location search tools to deploying low-impact production techniques, the filmmakers worked hard to keep their set and location a magical place.
Kara Hayward
Inside Our Movies Following the Story’s Thread
From Suzy’s shoes to Scouts’ socks, every stitch of costume was created to reflect and resonate with Wes Anderson’s imaginary world in MOONRISE KINGDOM.
Moonrise Kingdom The Kids Are Just Right
Inside Our Movies The Kids Are Just Right
After being hand-picked by Wes Anderson, MOONRISE KINGDOM’s young central couple get the lesson of a lifetime working next to stars like Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and more.
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